Exquisite Electric’s Top 3 Reasons To Install A Garage Heater

A Warm Garage Makes All The Difference, Especially When It’s Cold Enough Outside To Freeze Your Nose Hairs. So In This Post, We’ll Share Why, And Some Things To Consider Before Installing Your Garage Heater.

Reason 1: Warm Car, Happy Car Battery

The main reason most people decide to install a garage heater is having a toasty garage and a warm car. 

Because a warm garage means a car battery that will be safe from cold-caused failure. 

It also means you won’t drive away from your house with your car still plugged in, possibly damaging your outlet or block heater plug, and adding to the prairie snow snake population… you’ll know what that means if you’re Albertan. If not, see the attached image (℅ Turner Valley Fire Department) for future reference.

Reason 2: More Living Space

If only you had a place to work on your projects, lift weights, paint, move, collect your thoughts, and have a moment of peace and quiet throughout the chaos of the day…

A place that is what your basement was supposed to be.

Yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

When done right, a heated garage can become a bonus room/workspace (and sanctuary), heated, comfortable, and ready for those activities you can’t find room for in your home.



Reason 3: Your Health & Safety

An unheated garage can mean that you need to run your car to warm the engine before you drive. But if your vehicle is parked in your garage when you do this: be careful! 

The Carbon Monoxide (CO) created by car exhaust is dangerous to your health and can cause death. 

Sure, you can open your garage when you’re heating your vehicle, but then what’s the point? 

A heated garage means comfort and safety all through the winter months.


Get your electrical safety inspection today!

Other Things To Consider


Check Your Insulation

There’s no point in getting a garage heater if you have poor or no insulation. This is because your garage won’t retain the heat it creates, wasting your money and energy.

So before you invest in a heater, invest in garage insulation. Or both, we’re not telling you what to do, just how NOT to waste your money.

Get The Right Heater For Your Garage

The correct power garage heater will depend on the square footage of your garage. So how do you know what wattage heater you’ll need? Use this handy calculation.

Square Feet x 10 = Number of Watts needed

Not sure how to calculate the square footage of your garage?

Check out this online calculator or measure and multiply the room’s length by its width. Easy Peasy.

Check Your Electrical Panel

Can your current electrical panel support the added electrical load of your garage heater? 

To find out, check the calculator above to find out what your wattage needs, then check your panel. Need more info on electrical panels? Click here.

Detached Garages

If you have a detached garage, it will need to be powered before installing a garage heater.

If you need to power your garage, the best time is after the ground thaws or before it freezes. This is because a trench will need to be dug from your home to your garage to bury the electrical lines. Overhead lines are also possible but not recommended.

We highly recommend contacting a Master Electrician for this kind of project.

We install Garage Heaters and are qualified to perform all of the electrical upgrades mentioned in this post, including wiring your garage.

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