Are You Considering or Planning to Purchase an Electric Car? Get An EV Charger Installed.

Having a Home EV charger is a major bonus if you have an electric car.

So in this post, we’ll talk about EV Chargers and what you need to consider when you install one.

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An At-Home EV Charger Creates Cost Savings & Convenience.

Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Porsche, Tesla, and more, the choice of electric vehicles in Canada continues to grow.

And with more variety, more people are choosing to buy an electric car as their next vehicle.

Of course, if you’re already in the market for an electric car, you’ve probably also been thinking about how you will charge it.

How long does it take to charge your new EV? Where are the closest charging stations? Should I install an EV charger at home, and where should I put it? Do I need an electrician to install it?

In this article, we’re going to answer some of those questions for you.

Do I Need An EV Charger?

No and Yes.

Electric Cars can be charged using both a standard household 3-pin socket and/or a dedicated EV charge point.

There is a huge amount of variability among electric cars on the market. From basic to premium and sport, the electrical needs of these cars vary based on the size of their battery. And as a result, increases the demand on the charge style you choose.

However, a dedicated EV charge point is safer.

Calgary currently has 186 public chargers, 73% of those are currently free to use. Okotoks has 6, and all are currently free to use.

You can check out Charge Hub for a complete listing HERE.

The 3-Pin Socket

While you can charge your electric car using a standard 3-pin socket, the amount of time it takes to charge is different depending on your model.

But no matter the model, 3-pin socket charging takes a long time. Like anywhere from 17 to 39+ hours!

That’s a lot of waiting. 

The slow speed of 3-pin charging is due to the outlet and the power infrastructure running to your home. 

Regular 3-pin sockets and most homes can only handle so much power flow (single-phase power supply). Therefore, increasing the charge time. 

The other issue with 3-pin charging is safety. The fact is, standard 3-pin sockets are simply not designed for the power draw that Electric Cars require. This can lead to overheating and potential electrical fires.

Dedicated Charge Point

Dedicated charge points allow for much faster and safer charging and can be installed at any standard 3-pin outlet.

For the average home, you can expect a 7kW Charger to charge your car 3 times faster than a 3-pin socket.

Higher capacity chargers are available, which in turn charge your electric car faster.

However, most homes don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate these chargers.

Can your current electrical panel support an EV Charger?

Before you install an EV Charger it’s important to check the power limits of your existing Electrical Panel.

For more information on panels and panel upgrades…

Convenience of a home EV Charger

We think it goes without saying: having a home charger is going to be more convenient than needing to visit a charging station. 

It’s the ability to charge your vehicle overnight while you sleep in a fraction of the time it takes with a 3-pin socket…

Or the time saved waiting for your vehicle to charge or seeking out a charging station…

And the money saved charging at home versus charging at a charge station.

How Much Does it Cost? 

There are a few different costs to consider when you install an EV Charger. However, the costs all depend on your current set-up and needs, so it’s best to get a quote from a qualified and trusted electrician.

First, the cost of the charger.

There’s a wide range of EV Chargers on the market. From basic to high-end and with a range of outputs and features. What you choose will depend on your budget and needs.

*IMPORTANT: At the time of writing, specific chargers only work with their manufacturer’s car.

This means you may have to buy an adapter if you trade in your electric vehicle or buy a different one.

Please check the charger specifications to make sure you are purchasing the correct charger for your car.

Second, the cost of installation.

You will need an electrical permit from the city or your municipality for the work and, if you want the work done to code, you will want to hire an experienced electrician.

Third, if your panel doesn’t have the space or capacity, you will need a higher capacity panel to support the power needs of your charger.

For the sake of safety and convenience, we recommend installing a dedicated EV Charger for your next electric car.

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