Are You Getting the Best Commercial Electrical Solutions? Our Master Electricians in Calgary and Okotoks Have the Answer

When it comes to commercial electrical services, the secret to reliable work lies in choosing a commercial Master Electrician. Get ready to power up your business!

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Take Aways:

  1. Hiring a commercial Master Electrician for commercial electrical services ensures expertise, professionalism, and adherence to local safety standards and the Canadian Electrical Code, providing peace of mind for business owners.
  2. Master Electricians prioritize timely and on-budget project completion, recognizing the value of your time and budget.
  3. Master Electricians know their parts and materials, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.
  4. Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of Master Electricians’ approach, with a commitment to clear communication, addressing questions and concerns throughout the process.
  5. Trusted as a reliable choice for commercial electrical services, Master Electricians have a strong reputation and a history of satisfied customers, offering businesses a dependable solution for their electrical needs.

You already know that in owning or running a business, electrical repairs and upgrades are a part of creating a professional and welcoming environment. 

But unless you’re a pro and licensed tradesperson, that means hiring electrical contractors to get the job done. But who do you hire? In this post, we share why we think hiring a commercial Master Electrician makes the most (business) sense.

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Master Electricians: The Masters of Expertise and Professionalism

No need to worry about electrical complexities – our Master Electricians are the epitome of expertise and professionalism.

With their qualifications and knowledge, Master Electricians handle intricate commercial electrical projects like seasoned pros, meeting local safety standards and the Canadian Electrical Code. They can even pull city permits, saving you time and money.

Timely and On-Budget Completion

Time is money, and our Master Electricians in Calgary and Okotoks understand that. Punctuality is a point of pride, ensuring your electrical needs are met promptly and efficiently. Plus, they’re masters of on-budget solutions and up-front costs, so you’re never shocked.

When you hire a commercial Master Electrician, you can rest assured knowing that the job will be done correctly the first time around.

Quality Guaranteed: Access to the Best Parts and Materials

As your 5-star commercial Master Electricians, we have a secret weapon – we know what parts and materials are worth the cost and which fall short. Need quality parts for your commercial electrical projects? Consider it done. Our work vans have almost every part you need. And if we don’t, we can get you the best components, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

Exquisite Electric’s Guarantee

Exquisite Electric stands behind our craftsmanship. That is why we offer a 5-year replacement labour warranty on the work done in your home or business. We also offer up-front pricing so you know the exact cost of the job before we begin any work, with no surprises.

Customer Service That Sparks Joy

At Exquisite Electric, our commercial Master Electricians prioritize clear and honest communication and exceptional customer service.

Bryan and Dustin are friendly, approachable, and dedicated to addressing your questions and concerns throughout the process. Your satisfaction is their mission!

Trusted Electrical Excellence

Our track record speaks for itself – we’re the trusted choice for commercial electrical services in Calgary, Okotoks, the Foothills, and beyond. With a positive reputation, a trail of satisfied customers, and ONLY 5-star reviews, our Master Electricians are the expert electrical contractors you can rely on.

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Becoming a Master Electrician

In Alberta, Canada, all master electricians must have a minimum of a Journeyman Electrician Certificate.

A Journeyman Certificate is a four-year program that teaches students the basics of electrical work, including safety procedures, wiring techniques, and principles of electricity.

In order to become a master electrician in Alberta, a person must also have at least two years of experience working as an electrician. This experience must be in the same type of electrical work that the person plans to do as a master electrician.

When it comes to commercial electrical services, don’t settle for anything less than exquisite service.

Unlock the full potential of your businesses electrical by hiring our commercial Master Electricians in Calgary and Okotoks. With their expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering top-notch results, your electrical repairs and upgrades will be exquisite!

Don’t let electrical glitches slow down your success. Reach out to Exquisite Electric today and book your free, no-obligation service quote. 

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