Hiring a local contractor or tradesperson? Here are our Top 10 questions to ask before you sign the dotted line!

It’s important to ask questions and get answers BEFORE hiring a local contractor and signing any contract. Because a hasty decision could end up costing you time, money, and stress you didn’t plan on.

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It’s okay to be picky when you’re hiring a local contractor!

So, always ask these 10 crucial questions before you sign the dotted line.


1. What Are The Contractor’s Warranties and Guarantees?

A contractor who does quality work should stand behind their labour, choice of materials, and products. For the most part,  the industry standard in Alberta is one year for both labour and parts.


2. Does The Contractor Have References and Verified Reviews?

Don’t be afraid to ask for references!  An honest contractor or tradesperson will provide you with references without hesitation. They should be thrilled to share their great reviews!

In addition, always check ratings on reputable websites that VERIFY their reviewers/reviews, for example, BBB (Better Business Bureau), Homestars, or Yelp!.

Pay special attention to legitimate negative reviews. How they respond could indicate how they  will handle your issues if any arise to during your project.


3. Is The Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Any contractor working on your property should have valid insurance, including full liability and WCB insurance.

Suppose something goes wrong or gets damaged on your property, and the company is not insured. In that case, it could be you or your insurance company that’s left on the hook and responsible for paying to fix it.

If a worker is hurt on your property, and the company does not have WCB insurance, the injured party has a legal right to file a lawsuit against you.

Furthermore, the company should ALWAYS have a valid license to work in your area.


4. Will The Correct Permits Be  Obtained For Your Project?

As the homeowner, you are responsible for obtaining permits and inspections for your home projects. So make sure your contract states that all permits will be supplied by them.

When hiring a local contractor, any contracts you sign should specify that all work will be completed according to code and will pass inspection. This puts the onus on the contractor to properly finish the project.

Even if it’s just a small job, permits are required by law and must be submitted by the contractor.


5. Will The Contractor/Tradesperson Working Be A Certified Journeyman?

A Journeyman is a tradesperson who has completed their apprenticeship. Once a person has earned their Journeymen status they can supervise apprentices.

However, in Canada there is no rule that says a contractor must send a Journeyman Electrician to do repairs, renos, or upgrades to your home.

So, a contractor trying to save themselves money could send an apprentice instead of a qualified Journeyman.


6. Are The Contractor's Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked?

This should be obvious to any contractor.

And for you? You need to feel confident you have someone you can trust in your home with your family.

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7. Why Is The Contractor’s Quote So Much Lower Than The Rest?

Cheapest is rarely best. After all, it’s cheap for a reason.

Pay attention to the quality of products being supplied and the quality of the workmanship going into your job.

Sometimes corners are cut because it makes the job cheaper.  And most of the time, you end up paying for your “extra savings” in the long run. Especially when inferior products and workmanship break down.


8. Can The Contractor Quickly and Confidently Answer Your Questions?

Ask lots of questions.

Your electrician should be open and able to give quick, confident answers. If they can’t, it’s often because they just don’t know or aren’t properly trained.


9. Is The Contractor Asking For Payment in Advance?

Never pay upfront for work that has not yet been completed.

There are too many instances of homeowners paying money to their contractor in advance to “fund” a job and the contractor never coming back to complete the work.

Ensure that the Contractor has a valid Prepaid Contractor License (PPCL) through Service Alberta if a deposit is required. They must be able to show their license when asked as per the Consumer Protection Act.


10. Does The Contractor Supply the Contract? (they should)

Your contractor should supply you with a contract that is typed and easy to read and understand. A good contract is clear and protects both parties.

It should include the scope of work and any supplies, materials, and products they will be using and installing. It should also include any subcontractors that will be doing work.

Homeowners should get signed and dated receipt for all payments they make to a contractor. It is important to have a paper trail in case legal concerns arise.


At Exquisite Electric, we’re ready to answer ALL of these questions without hesitation! We take pride in our work and always get the job done fast, clean, and on-budget the first time.

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We offer a 5-year warranty on our workmanship, and we have a 100% 30-day no-hassle money-back guarantee on our labour.

The warranty on the products we install is at least 1 year and can be as long as a lifetime warranty (depending on the product and supplier).

We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

A certified journeyman or master electrician will always accompany any apprentices on a project or service call.

All our electricians and apprentices are drug tested and background checked.

The scope of work is outlined in a contract for each project.

We offer up-front pricing, so you always know the cost before any job is started.

Exquisite Electric is here to serve you with the best of the best in home and business electric! And, we’re always at your service.

With over 30-combined years of expertise in both home & residential AND business & commercial electrical service… we’re At Your Service!


Contact us with all of your home and business electrical questions. Because we’re YOUR local Red Seal, Master Electricians, and are always At Your Service!

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We’re proud to serve you as your preferred electricians, Calgary, Okotoks, and the Foothills area.


*Exquisite Electric works together with qualified solar panel installers so you can access and start using the sun’s energy at home or in your business. 

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