Our Top 5 Calgary Lighting Trends – The Master Electrician Edition

As seasoned Master Electricians, at Exquisite Electric, we understand the profound impact of lighting on the landscape of your living spaces.

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Within Calgary’s contemporary homes, lighting trends serve as the main element, seamlessly fusing style and functionality.

In this blog post, we delve into the five key trends that we see shaking up lighting choices, transforming visual impact, and redefining everyday living spaces in the heart of Calgary, Okotoks, and beyond.

Blog Take-Aways:

  • Lighting trends are shaping the ambiance of modern homes in Calgary.
  • Elegance and contemporary fixtures and impact interior design and create experiences.
  • Pendant lights can transform open-concept spaces into captivating narratives.
  • Smart lighting allows you to customize brilliance to your preferences.
  • Ambient lighting is versitile and can create cozy, adaptable atmospheres.
  • LED lighting can contribute to both sustainable living and lower energy bills.
  • Gain insights into the evolving landscape of business lighting, fostering productivity and ambiance.
Newly renovated kitchen with lighting and wring by Calgary Electrician, Exquisite Electric!

1. Elegant Simplicity through Contemporary Fixtures

The mantra of “less is more” finds a home in modern Calgary residences. 

These lighting solutions meld geometric elegance and refined finishes to seamlessly integrate with surrounding decor, enhancing the modern essence of each room we illuminate.

And with our expertise as lighting installers (less mess and hassle!), coupled with a selection of contemporary and unique lighting fixtures (more beautiful and unique lighting), you will be amazed at the transformation in your space.

2. Pendant Lights – Crafting Focal Masterpieces

In the expanse of open-concept living, pendant lights serve as captivating conversation starters. These fixtures transform spaces into stories, commanding attention and appreciation. 

Whether it’s a constellation of pendants casting their brilliance over a kitchen island or a singular pendant making a bold statement in the dining space, these lights can infuse an artistic flair.

A range of shapes, materials, and shades give pendant lights the ability to tailor ambiance to the homeowner’s distinct style.

3. Smart Lighting – Precision Crafted Brilliance

The “smart” living is slowly making it into almost every home. And smart lighting allows everything from pot lights to stand lamps to adapt to your preferences and mood with a programmed schedule or a simple voice command. 

Imagine adjusting brightness, altering colour temperatures, or choreographing personalized lighting scenes—all through a smartphone or smart speaker.

Beyond convenience, this growing technology enhances energy efficiency, letting you shape the perfect atmosphere while conserving energy and saving money.

4. Ambient Lighting – Adaptable Radiance for Every Mood

Calgary and Okotoks homes are renowned for their multifunctional living areas, especially in new or newly renovated open-concept living. 

Our expertise in ambient lighting perfectly complements these versatile spaces. Ambient lighting can cocoon your spaces in warmth, creating inviting rooms for relaxation or social gatherings. 

Recessed lights, wall-mounted sconces, and freestanding floor lamps create a blend of layered light, adapting to moments—a tranquil evening with a book or a lively “check out my new lighting” party with friends… what?! It could happen!

5. LED Lighting – Illuminating Efficiency and Longevity

Our expertise is proven with eco-conscious AND budget-focused Calgary homeowners through LED lighting solutions. 

The blend of energy efficiency and long-lasting use of LED lights is a perfect combination. Opting for LED lighting not only reduces environmental impact and electrical bill shock, but also opens a spectrum of colour temperatures suited to diverse moods and activities.

From cozy warmth to contemporary crispness, LED lighting sets the stage for modern, sustainable living.

image of Exquisite Electric Residential Home Electrical Contractors Finished Home Kitchen Lighting and Wiring
Art studio lighting reno

Business Lighting Trends – Elevating Workspace Brilliance

Beyond homes, business environments are embracing a lighting transformation. 

Modern workplaces in Calgary and Okotoks are adopting lighting designs that transcend function. From collaborative zones to focused workstations, versatile lighting schemes foster productivity and ambiance. 

Energy-efficient LED panel lights, dynamic colour control, and innovative task lighting solutions are shaping offices into vibrant, adaptable, and environmentally conscious hubs. Not to mention the brilliance of LED displays and external signage, something Exquisite Electric are seasoned pros at installing or retrofitting.


Office Task Lighting

Now You Know Our Top 5 Master Electrician Lighting Trends!

In the dynamic world of contemporary living, lighting installations are more than just technicalities—they are personal and even a brand expression. 

The trends we’ve explored here go beyond fads—they embody lifestyle. Through our expert lighting installation skills, we can transform your space into areas of sophistication and comfort. 

As modern homes (and businesses) evolve, one truth remains: skillful lighting installation can transform any space into a masterpiece of modern living. And Exquisite Electric is here to help you make it happen!

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